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Updated Hours Of Availability

This is just a quick post to update you all on my current available hours at the shop. As of April 2015 I am working Monday through Thursday starting at noon and am available on these days for walk-ins, consultations and appointments. On the weekends I am available for consultations and tattoos mostly by appointment. […]

Hours Of Availablity

This post is out of date now, please see the newer post for my current hours. As always, thanks for your support, and feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Oh, and here’s some recent work

Portland Tattoo Expo

Next month is the 3rd annual Portland Tattoo Expo, I will be attending along with my friend Abram Nelson, and am currently taking appointments for the show. I will also have a bunch of new tattoo flash I’ll be looking to tattoo while I’m there. Make sure you stop by and say hi, there will […]

One Of My Tattoos Is In Mad Magazine

Zack Kosta, my client and good friend recently got a single-frame comic from Mad Magazine tattooed on the inside of his arm, and after he sent a picture to the artist she forwarded it to her editors and they put it in the newest issue! I’d rather shun publicity but fuck, it’s Mad. It goes […]

You come here too often not to friend me on facebook

Yeah, just go ahead and friend me… Ryan ZacharyCreate Your Badge I also updated myspace for the first time in a while, not that anyone uses that shit these days. Here’s some pics too, the first is an advertisement I painted the other day Just me and my pants-wearing fish-man buddy. Feel free to ignore […]